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Well, it's that time of blue moon again where I attempt to update my journal with the latest news and generally useless information which inhabits the dusty cobwebs of my LJ.

For those that are interested:
Went to Adelaide for Christmas / New Y to see my parents. It was nice, but they have a scary looking giant rocking horse, and a chocolate factory which sells chilli chocolate.
Went over by train - ride there (Red Kangaroo class) was akin to 12 hours in economy plane seats.
Coming back (Gold Kangaroo class) - had own twin sleeper cabin with private ensuite, free morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and generally felt rich. Hoozah for Gold class - the only way to travel to adelaide (if going by train, which is still cheaper than plane)

In other news, I got my job at ALS back - I'll be a Lab Tech again, but it pays double what centrelink pays (1300 per fortnight, plus overtime), so I'll be happy with that for a little while (experience).

Also, I am now 22.

Being bored recently, I Youtubed Chuck Norris. They have Chuck Norris reading out some of his own wild statements on a american sports tv show. Funny.
I like: When chuck norris jumps in water he doesnt get wet, water gets chuck norrised.
And: Outer space exists because they afraid to be on the same planet as chuck norris.
And even: Chuck norris' calendar goes from march 30th to 2nd april; no one fools Chuck Norris.

Sorry to be a noob and bring back Chuck Norris jokes, but I'm really, really bored.

New Years resolutions

Keep my hagrid clean.
Spend less time on stone.
Pay for my black holes on time.
Put fifty dvds a month into my savings account.
Go to phoenix every Sunday.
Tell my family about star wars.


Actually, I intend to get a job. Soon. VERY SOON or Centrelink will actually drive me to poverty and I'll have to beg on the streets for two twenty cent coins a night.
And in the strangely high likelihood that this doesn't happen, I would still much rather avoid the bureaucracy altogether (and their annoying forms and expectations...)
Please, someone hire me. Expected wage ~40k. Or I'll crawl up and cry.
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It's time to clear the cobwebs and blow off the dust that has settled thickly on the appalingly thin tome called my LJ.
In the briefest form fashionable, here is a summary of the last 3 months:

Finished uni
Got degree
Searched for jobs
1st face interview hired me
Worked as a lab tech for ALS
Earned money.
Moved house.
After two months, was made redundant
Centrelink reenters my life, making it a living hell.
Searching for another job.

So there. Probably will make a cameo this wed at uni. Expect you all to be there, pref with large wheelbarrows of money I can unexpectedly tow away for you for no fee whatsoever. If not, then I suppose a smile would...suffice. (option A still better)


Hey everyone. I'm now a graduate, not a graduand. Hooray.
I have pictures.

Now my degree is complete.
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Hey everyone,

Currently sitting in a research facility attached to the Alfred Hospital, because I'm a uni student, and therefore get sucked in to put my body on the line for science as a guinea pig, in order to generate some money, and possibly a job interview.

I can't remember what drug they're injecting me with, but I do know it suppresses IL-15 (that's Interleukin, for you immunology students), and that it's made from CHO cells (that's Chinese Hamster Cells, for you genetics students - 5 points if you can tell me why they'd use these)

Have given numerous blood samples, urine samples (not so hard when the only thing you can eat is water - special diet) and they've put the little plastic wristbands on me - presumably to stop me getting away. Also done several ECG's (that's the machine with lots of wires that latch to your chest, for you non-science students) - so many in fact that they've put permanent dots on my chest to hook me up any time. Sticky stuff is like gaffer tape, so free chest wax also.

Did I mention they're paying me $12.5 per hour (even overnight). And free meals, accom, shower, and their towels are o-so fluffy. And the mini tv above my bed.

And there's only a small risk. Hooray for science guinea-pig for the win.

Trawling for time...

Job seeking is going slow. Have only applied for 6 jobs in the last 3 weeks, and none have finished their application times, so nothing to do but keep searching and waiting.

Hooray for the Star Trek AGM next wed 2pm, it keeps my mind off some things and on others.
Hope you'll all be there. At least for quorum. Please. Very please.

Graduation on 12th Aug at 3pm ish. Only have 3 seats, and suprise, they're going to family, but if any of you want to hang around outside, feel free. Just remember, although ugrads go 1st, i'm a 'W' so I'll be one of the last of the big batch.

Currently eating cherry and walnut cake, which was given to me for pretending to be the man in the big red suit at a Christmas in July thing last Sat. Apparently even GF had trouble recog me, which is sort of good, and sort of bad...

Results MOOSE!

I have just checked my results MOOSE!
I did well MOOSE with a H1 and a H2A MOOSE!
I have now completed my degree MOOSE!
I will now look for jobs MOOSE!
I can't stop saying MOOSE!